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Dr Chris Steadman is an NHS and Private Consultant Cardiologist working in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset, England.


Coronary Angiogram

A coronary angiogram is an invasive test to assess the arteries supplying the heart.

A coronary angiogram (or left heart catheter) is a test performed to look for coronary artery disease.

It is performed in a cardiac catheterisation laboratory by your cardiologist with a team of nurses, cardiac physiologists and radiographers to assist. Local anaesthetic is injected either into the groin or wrist and a tube is then placed into either the femoral artery (groin) or radial artery (wrist). There are pros and cons to each method which can be discussed with your cardiologist. Through this sheath small thin tubes (called catheters) are passed over wires up into the main blood vessel out of the heart (the aorta) and then into the coronary arteries. Once in the coronary arteries, dye (radio-opaque contrast) is injected and x-rays are taken enabling the cardiologist to see the coronary arteries.

This is a very safe test but like all invasive procedures there are small risks of complications which your cardiologist will discuss with you before the procedure.

A cardiac catherisation laboratory

A cardiac catherisation laboratory